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Chosen Warrior Cancer Support Foundation aims to be a beacon of hope for individuals battling cancer, offering vital emotional and financial support to empower their journey with compassion and resilience.

Our Team



The invaluable contributions of our dedicated volunteers profoundly impact the lives of individuals and their families facing cancer. Volunteers serve as the backbone of our non-profit, playing a pivotal role in our mission's success.

Selflessly dedicating their time, compassion, and unique experiences, our volunteers become beacons of hope, illuminating the path when it seems darkest. Their generosity not only helps reduce costs but also allows us to allocate more resources directly to supporting families in need.

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Our History



The vision behind the Chosen Warrior Cancer Support Foundation emerged from the courageous journey of our founder, who embraced the role of a "Chosen Warrior" at just 19 years old. Facing breast cancer three times, she displayed unwavering resilience, triumphing over each battle. Her strength was further tested by a thyroid cancer diagnosis, from which she also emerged victorious.

Her most recent triumph came on August 15, 2020, when she entered remission from pancreatic cancer.

Despite her personal battles, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to giving back, aspiring to make a profound impact on those in need during their times of struggle. With your support, she can continue to be a beacon of hope, helping to alleviate the financial burdens of individuals grappling with illness.

Having faced cancer four times, she intimately understands the emotional toll it takes on families and is dedicated to advocating for those who may feel unable to advocate for themselves.

We owe immense gratitude to both God and the incredible community whose support has been instrumental in her journey.

Together, with your support, she can persist in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing health challenges.

About Us




The Chosen Warrior Cancer Support Foundation embodies hope, compassion, and unity, deeply rooted in the personal journey of its founder, Michelle Tucker. Michelle's remarkable tale of resilience, having faced cancer several times, transforms into a conduit of strength and support for others navigating similar paths. Her vision, borne from a survivor's courage and a nurse's compassion, has propelled this initiative from a personal battle to a nationwide movement dedicated to supporting cancer warriors.

Michelle's resolve to ensure that no one faces this journey alone has led the foundation to become a beacon of hope, embodying the principle of being the light of hope for others. Her efforts extend beyond the foundation's mission, as she is also the author of the book Chosen and an inspirational speaker. Through her writing and speeches, Michelle shares her profound insights and experiences, further amplifying her impact and inspiring countless individuals across the nation.

In becoming an author and a speaker, Michelle has transformed her journey into a powerful message of hope, resilience, and communal support. She exemplifies the idea that one can indeed be the light of hope, guiding others through their darkest times with empathy, understanding, and unwavering support. Under Michelle's guidance, the Chosen Warrior Cancer Support Foundation offers not only a helping hand in times of need but also stands as a testament to the strength found in shared experiences and the collective power of a community united in compassion.

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